Write Articles That Show You Are An Expert
By Sean R Mize

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making when writing articles is that they write really shallow articles that don't position them as an expert. I think it is because they don't want to give away their good stuff for free. But if you don't give away your good stuff for free, how will anyone ever know that your paid stuff is any good?

My belief is that if you write really good content, then people will want to buy your paid material because they will believe that if you free stuff is so good, then your paid stuff must be even better.

Then I hear the objection that if you write content that is really good, and give away what you know, then you won't have enough to teach that you will charge for. My thoughts on that is that if you don't know enough to write 20 articles on your topic and still have enough left to charge for, then you probably don't know enough to be charging for anything.

That is another thing that I think is a real problem online. People are so greedy to make money online that they want to skip the step of delivering real value. But that would be like opening a coffee shop but selling watered down watery coffee and charging full price for it. Sure, you might make the first sale, but the buyer never comes back for more, and you go out of business.

Well it's the same thing online, you have to sell substance. And if you don't have substance, you have to get substance. It might be that you are really qualified to sell the knowledge you claim to be selling. You can't just copy and paste what others know, in your articles. You should be writing articles from your own wealth of information. And then people know that you are the real deal. People can tell whether or not you are an expert or not. And one more benefit to this is that if you are writing from your own wealth of information, you don't have to do hours of research, or copy other people's articles, to write your articles. You just write from what you know. You should be able to sit down and just write articles from what you know inside. This makes article writing go so much faster as well. Imagine you type at 40 words per minute. In 10 minutes you can write an original article off the top of your head. That's 6 articles per hour. Imagine if in the last hour you had written 6 articles, and in the next 20 minutes you uploaded them all online. And you did that once a day for a month. What would happen to your business?

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Sean Mize is the author of Anyone Can Coach, the definitive guide to starting your own coaching program fast.

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