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The Wealthy Writer

Reviewed by Cheryl Wright © (All Rights Reserved)
Authors: Nick Daws & Ruth Barringham
Published by WCCL
259 Pages


 The Wealthy Writer by Nick Daws & Ruth Barringham

The Wealthy Writer was released late April 2009 and is a complete guide for writers on ways to make money writing for the Internet. It is written by Nick Daws (author of Quick Cash Writing and Write Any Book in 28 Days) and author/publisher Ruth Barringham (full-time writer and owner of

In The Wealthy Writer, Daws and Barringham have covered a large variety of ways writers can make money writing for the Internet. They include (but are not limited to):


·         blogging

·         writing website copy

·         short report writing

·         e-book writing

·         article writing

·         affiliate marketing

·         selling your writing services via job auction sites

·         setting up a writer's website

·         advertising online for writing work

·         and much more.


The Wealthy Writer  is so full of information that if you don’t make money using this book, you simply aren’t trying!

I’ve known for a very long time there were major gaps in the information available to writers, and have filled many of those gaps myself.

The Wealthy Writer is definitely a book you’ll keep as a reference and will use time and time again.  (I have printed out my copy, and had it bound at OfficeWorks for just a few dollars.)

Between them, Daws and Barringham have a wealth of knowledge, which they’re now passing onto other writers.  I’ve known both authors for many years, and have found them to be extremely knowledgeable. I also know they both earn regular income with their writing skills.

Okay, onto the review...


Things I didn’t like:

There was very little I didn’t like, but there were a couple of things. 

Firstly, I hate that every time I open the pdf I have to type in the password.  This is obviously to stop ebook pirating, but it’s soooooooo annoying.

The second thing I didn’t like was the table of contents - it is not clickable.  I really hate that. It means if I want to go to a specific section I either need to do a search, or scroll through until I locate it.

I’ve found similar issues with other books by the same publisher, and I assume it’s to stop people jumping to specific sections without reading the entire book.  What the publisher should understand is that some people will simply want to bypass some parts of the book.  And that is their perogative!

Both of these are pretty minor and can be overlooked because of all the good things provided.


Things I liked:

Because there is so much in this book, I simply cannot include everything here, so I’ve reviewed just a few sections.

The book is so incredibly comprehensive, and  I can’t think of anything that’s been missed.

Here are just a few of the sections I’ve read so far:


Writing for the Internet

This section deals with copywriting, and although it doesn’t contain comprehensive information, it provides more than enough to get you started in this very lucrative area of writing.

Ø   It covers information like writing to a niche market – explaining who the copy should be aimed at and why.

Ø   It talks about keeping it simple; alternative words that don’t confuse the reader.

Ø   It provides step-by-step information on brevity, discusses the use of hype, and much more.


Writing Articles for the Internet

This is a very informative section, which discusses many aspects of writing articles for the internet.  Daws and Barringham have provided an easy to follow 5-step article writing system, which anyone should be able to model.

Just one section of this chapter is called “How to Earn over $700 a Month Writing Articles”.  I can see how this would appeal to many writers, and the information provided will give you a clear insight of how this could happen.


Selling Your Services via Job Auction Sites

Job sites are not all they’re cracked up to be, and this section deals indepth with the pros and cons of this type of site.  There is also a comparison of eight different sites of this nature, giving you a head start over many other writers. (I had no idea several of these sites existed!)

This section also discusses the common problem of obtaining work when you have no feedback on these types of sites, as well as twelve top tips for getting more and better paid work.  In addition to all this, five sample ‘bid’ submissions are provided.


Writing Short Reports and Ebooks

This chapter delves into the area of writing and selling short reports and ebooks. As someone who makes a huge chunk of income doing this very thing, I am very pleased this was included.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn:

Ø   Payment processors

Ø   The #1 thing you must do before you begin writing

Ø   Finding your book’s USP

Ø   Understanding your market


This is by no means a comprehensive overview of this book.  I have chosen just a few sections to give you an idea of what is contained in this 259 page ebook, and its quality.

As I said earlier, if you don’t make money as a writer after reading this book, you simply aren’t trying because there are so many methods detailed in this book that I can’t imagine anyone not benefiting from it.

As a Writer2Writer visitor &/or subscriber, I am able to offer you a $10 discount on the above product. I don’t know how long the publisher will keep this offer open, so if you’re interested, don’t delay – grab it now before the discount disappears. *This book is not expensive to start with, especially considering you could earn back your outlay with as little as one project, depending on what it is.

You will need to visit this link  first, to see a full overview of the book, and then use the following link, which takes you directly to PayPal and applies the $10 discount. 


About the author:  Cheryl Wright is an award-winning Australian author and freelance journalist. In addition to an array of other projects, she is the owner of the website and the Writer to Writer monthly ezine for writers. Her publications include novels, non-fiction books, short stories, and articles. To keep up to date with her publications and new releases, visit Cheryl’s website



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