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If you know how to use a pair of scissors and a glue stick, you can make additional money as a writer. Crafting for kids is a major market, both in print and on the internet. You can earn anywhere from $25 - $200 (US) per project. Why not make use of your writer’s inborn creativity and add to your income at the same time?

You do not have to be an artist, but you do need to think like a kid. If you’re not sure what kids are "into" these days, take a walk through your local toy store. You can also talk to your own kids, nieces, nephews, and even neighborhood children. It won’t take long to discover what’s "hot" and what’s not.

Once you have a feel for the topic, research children’s and family publications. Look at what they publish and read their guidelines. This will tell you what kinds of projects they specifically need. Once you have found a match or two between your ideas and a publication’s needs, use the following information to increase your chances of a sale.


  1. As you develop your idea, think multi-cultural. Many of today’s publications appreciate a brief history of your project, along with directions.

  2. As you write the directions, keep in mind each individual step. Assume nothing. Directions need to be very specific and you should use numbers instead of words (4, not four) for all quantities. Make sure you use words kids can understand in a step-by-step presentation.

  3. Materials should be listed in order of their use.

  4. Always read a copy of the publication before writing your project up. Some publications prefer materials and directions be listed separately, others prefer to have them written in paragraph form. Obviously, providing a submission in an improper format will not increase your chances of a sale.

  5. Lucky for you, many, many publications accept unsolicited submissions. They may require a photo or prototype of your project and a brief description along with your letter of introduction. Obviously, once they actually see your spectacular project they won’t be able to turn it down.


How-to articles like these are not only easy to put together, they are a lot of fun. So, if you’d like to take a break from researching and interviewing, think about giving them a try. You may be glad you did.


About the Author:  Marie is the author of five books and has created award-winning crafts for children. She also writes children’s poetry as well as educational articles for parents, teachers, and writers. She can be reached at


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