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Feature Ideas

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Want to write some Christmas related articles, but not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place!

To give you some idea of the number of opportunities available, let’s have a look at some of the diverse areas which can be explored in your Christmas articles. You will find each main thought will lead off to many subsidiary ones, providing yet more material for later use.

1. The religious aspect. Articles written concerning the subject of how Christmas came to exist will almost certainly sell, so long as you choose your markets and your approach carefully. Getting the tone right is essential.

2. Christmas today. Following on from religion, you can examine the origins of some of today’s Christmas customs – the giving of presents, for example. How old are the customs of the modern Christmas? This could well provide sufficient material for several articles.

3. Family Christmases. Articles dealing with the relatives – and how to cope with them – are always popular, and there are many different angles you can take with this subject. Many people find themselves having to cook far more than they would usually; an article giving hints on how to estimate how much food to cook for how many people might well be welcomed by a family magazine.

4. Juvenile articles. Features on how to keep the kids amused and any ideas you may have for games or things to make – in keeping with the season – may find a home in the pages of several magazines.

5. Humorous articles. A much sought after commodity. Family Christmases rarely go according to plan, and you may find you can capitalise on your misfortunes by turning them into saleable articles.

6. Your own hobbies and interests. Examine your pastimes and job knowledge to see whether you could produce a feature relating specifically to the season. For example, I used to work as a care assistant in a residential home for the elderly, and one year I ended up working on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Many people cannot imagine working over the festive period, so an article concerning the good points of working as usual, perhaps looking at several different jobs in turn, would provide an interesting and thoughtful piece.

These are just a few ideas to illustrate how much material is available to you, when you look in the right places. Other broad areas to consider include nature; present ideas; festive cookery; holidays abroad; travel over the Christmas period; decorations – how to buy the best and how to make your own; and much more.

Time to start writing!



About the Author: Allison Whitehead has been a freelance writer for 17 years, and has had hundreds of articles published on many diverse subjects in both magazines and on websites.  She now works mainly for online markets and shares her experience and sources at


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